Camilo A. García A.
Visual Artist.
Bogotá, Colombia. 1993.
Based in Barcelona. 

I’m a visual artist from Bogotá currently studying a Master’s degree in Research and production of art at Barcelona University.

My work usually starts with a question that prolonge itself trough images, books and objects. Questions are involved generally by the antitetic forces between Nature and Culture; Science and Magic; Knowledge and Ignorance. And how they change through time and context.

The projects principally aim to reflect and produce visual thought that could also be part of a dialoge with an interdidiciplinary scenario that collaborate with others in order to spread further.

Graphic thinking is a constant in my work, altough, everything could really happen in the process. Video, painting, installation, workshops, lectures...

Nowadays my questions are about anxiaty, slowness, gaze, contemplation, landscape and ciberspace. 

get lost,
leave back,
get lost...

2019-2020 | Present | Masters degree in Production and Reasearch of art, University of Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain.       

2011-2017 | Visual Arts, Javeriana University. Bogotá, Colombia.

2018 | Proofreader (Spanish) Level I, Javeriana University. Bogotá, Colombia.

2017 | Course Risograph: Fanzine and small publishing, School of Visual Arts. New York, USA.

2017 | Course The tree of living: collaborative conversations with Humberto Maturana. Matriztica. Santiago de Chile, Chile.  

2016 | Course Urban Agriculture, Red Colombiana de Infraestructura Vegetada. Bogotá, Colombia.

2015 | Course “libro este mundo” with Pep Carrió (SPN). La casa tomada. Bogotá, Colombia.

2014 | Project-course Redrawing Bogotá with Andrew Hem (USA) by Río Laboratorio. Bogotá, Colombia.

Art Book Fairs

2019 | Exhibitor, P.A.G.E.S.Geneve, Switzerland.

2019 | Exhibitor, No Tengo MamáVigo, Spain.

2019 | Exhibitor, Missread, Berlín, Germany.

2019 | Exhibitor, Libros Mutantes, Madrid, Spain.

2019 | Exhibitor, GRAF, Barcelona, Spain.


2018 | Coproduction, El deseo de Gloria, El chino Bogotáno. Bogotá, Colombia.

2018 | Participant, La ruta del grito, by Casa Tinta. Casa Tinta, Bogotá, Colombia.

2018 | Participant, Trez con Z, Artbo Weekend, by Artbo. Taller Trez, Bogotá, Colombia.

2018 | Participant, Polvo Somos, by Colectivo Tutti Frutti. Bogotá, Colombia.

2017 | Participant, 7 Print Slam, by Riso Lab. School of Visual Arts New York, USA.

2017 | Participant, Emergente, Javeriana University. Bogotá, Colombia.

2016 | Participant, Extintas, Exposition Hall Javeriana University. Bogota, Colombia.

2016 | Participant, 3 de Trez, Públic Library el Tintal - March. Public Library Gabriel García Márquez - Junio. Public Library Virgilio Barco. Bogotá, Colombia.

2015 | Participant, Grafos, Hotel casa 95. Bogota, Colombia.

2015 | Participant, XV Salón Javeriano de Artes Visuales, Hall de Exposiciones Universidad Javeriana. Bogota, Colombia.

2015 | Participant, A33 Ilustradores JaverianosHall de Exposiciones Universidad Javeriana. Bogota, Colombia.

2015 | Participant, Mini Trez Vol. II, Small format printsTaller Trez. Bogotá, Colombia.

2015 | Participant, La Colecta. Casa Común. Bogotá, Colombia.

2015 | Participant, Tajalápiz Vol III. Blank. Bogotá, Colombia.

2014 | Participant, Redibujando Bogota. Cine Tonalá. Bogotá, Colombia.

2014 | Participant, XIV Salón Javeriano de Artes Visuales. Hall de Exposiciones Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá, Colombia.

2014 | Participant, IV Concurso Nacional de dibujo – Reconcili-ARTE. Faber Castell. Museo de arte Contemporáneo. Bogotá, Colombia.

2013 | Participant, XIII Salón Javeriano de Artes Visuales. Centro Atico. Bogotá, Colombia.

2013 | Participant, Third Annniversary of Matick-City boards. Taller trez. Bogotá, Colombia.

2012 | Participant, XII Salón Javeriano de Artes Visuales. Biblioteca Virgilio Barco. Bogotá, Colombia.

Prizes and awards

2017 | Graduated with Honors for outstanding academic performance durind his studies of Visual Arts. Pontifica Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá, Colombia.

2014 | Honor Mention, IV Concurso Nacional de dibujo – Reconcili-ARTE. Faber Castell. Bogotá, Colombia.


2019 | Part of Notas sobre comic abstracto (Abstract Comic Notes) by Gerardo Vilches (ESP)